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You are desperately looking for the best OCR software and you land up reading this article, isn’t it? Well if it’s not, then you have something awesome in your hands! You have the best OCR software that is 100% genuine and free of cost. This online application can help you to convert images to the text within a few seconds. All you need to do is to upload an image or a scanner image that could contain a magazine or a printed or handwritten document.

You also need to specify any of the input languages (US English or other as per requirement). It will automatically extract the following values- Text/Characters/Words/Line breaks/Text Language/Accented characters, etc. OCR is the process of converting images or pictures into text format. Easy OCR software is a tool that helps you convert images or scanned documents into editable and searchable files (text).


37 Best OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

Docparser OCR Software is extremely user-friendly and capable of converting images to text anywhere. The product has been developed as a universal solution for any organization working with images and wishing to convert them into easily readable text. I’ve always been interested in OCR software but I never took the time to explore it. So I decided to search online and quickly found a site called DocParser OCR.


Extract important data from Word, PDF and image files. Send to Excel, Google Sheets and 100’s of other formats and integrations.

Readiris 17

Readiris Pro 17 OCR, Document Management Software for Windows DVD -  Amazon.com

The industry leader in portable scanners, PDF, OCR, and document classification software is IRIS (a Canon company). IRIS experts have been successfully assisting clients worldwide since 1987, assisting them in overcoming their main business challenges by utilizing scanning, capture, and digital transformation solutions. The most cutting-edge and effective OCR program for Windows and Mac is Readiris 17. World Player HP, Adobe, and CANON all use IRIS OCR.

Readiris 17

IRIS products and solutions, powered by proprietary technologies like OCR and PDF compression, combine the most advanced techniques, including state-of-the-art scanning, AI-based document classification, data extraction and data integrity checks, to optimize and secure processes across the entire organization.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens - PDF Scanner - Apps on Google Play

A cloud-based tool called Microsoft Lens (previously known as Microsoft Office Lens) enables companies to convert images, documents, and whiteboard content into PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files. Then, OneNote or OneDrive can be used to store those files. OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which recognizes handwritten text, enables word searches and word copying for editing purposes. Email can also be used to distribute saved files and paper documents extracted text.