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Optical character recognition (OCR) devices are often used in a variety of industries. The main purpose of most OCR devices is to easily recognize and accurately transcribe the text into machine-readable text format.

However, the use of OCR technology has increased over the years, and it is now easier than ever to convert printed text into digital formats. Although it can be useful to know some details about how an OCR device works, most users are simply interested in transforming printed text into digital data. This can be done manually by typing characters from a word or phrase, but it is usually much easier with an OCR device.

How Does An OCR Software Read Typed Text?

If you want to convert any image, chart, or table into text in all popular formats, then you should give a try to our OCR software. Page recognition is one of the best available today. Let Ocr Tools Convert your scanned documents and images into editable text. OCR Software converts pictures and scans into text files that can be edited, reviewed, searched, and printed.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce site or publishing a blog, adding the image-to-text conversion to services is a smart way to monetize your web presence. You can then also sell your services to other businesses that want to convert their own documents into an easily searchable PDF format. As well, upgrading and adding software to your OCR software will allow you to make the most out of these services. But with the number of online tools available, how do you find the right one?

Top 21 OCR Software Generator

Devonthink Pro

21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

You can easily process and organize documents using the Devonthink Pro tool. You can configure the tool to sync and analyze data between multiple Apple devices while you work on other projects. The group-by-keyword function in document organization is one feature that stands out. It enables you to organize your documents into sensible groups for simpler and faster access. You can use a keyword search to focus your search instead of frantically searching through a large collection of files.

DEVONthink Pro

DEVONthink is a very powerful and complex software tool that allows you to capture, organize, edit, and find almost any type of data you can think of.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

Docparser extracts text from images of physical documents using zonal OCR technology. The OCR software tool generates attractive, editable, sortable, and filterable files. Along with a barcode reader, this tool also has a QR reader.


Extract important data from Word, PDF and image files. Send to Excel, Google Sheets and 100’s of other formats and integrations.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro free download & trial | Adobe Acrobat

An OCR tool with a focus on PDF editing is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Digital signatures, PDF creation, PDF conversion, and many other features are all supported by Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The OCR software tool recognizes the text’s formatting and style in addition to extracting the text. As a result, the final product ought to reflect your input exactly.

One of Adobe Acrobat’s best features is the ability to immediately begin editing scanned documents. Another excellent OCR software tool for managing documents is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It converts the files into searchable documents that make it simple to locate specific words. Additionally, you can perform a system-wide document search. In addition to all the fantastic PDF features, the tool also facilitates collaboration optical character recognition.


Nanonets Raises $10M from Elevation Capital to Help Global Enterprises  Automate Their Document Workflows Using AI

Modern AI algorithms are used in the OCR tool called NanoNets. The tool makes it simple to convert paper documents into editable digital formats. With the help of this OCR software tool, manual data extraction can be automated. You can extract all the information you require from the document using NanoNets. This OCR software helps you save a ton of time and reduces the likelihood of errors. Your work becomes more meaningful and you increase your productivity with a tool like NanoNets free OCR software and text converter.

Google Docs

5 Tips And Tricks To Use Google Docs On Mobile - Dignited

A well-known web application for managing files and documents is called Google Docs. Basic word processing tools are included in the program to make editing and text styling simple. Google Docs may be something you’ve used before or are using right now. There is a fantastic image-to-text feature that is also built-in, which you may not have known about. PDF files are transformed into text-editable files using the Google Docs OCR algorithm. Even better, this is offered without charge. Google Docs may be sufficient for you to convert images into digitally editable files if you are a small-scale user of the best software and image format.


8 Best online OCR websites to extract text from images -H2S Media

An online tool for converting images to text is called OnlineOCR, as the name suggests. You can convert images and PDF files to digital format for free using this tool! The tool is incredibly simple to use. The 4 steps you must take are as follows:

  1. Launch the OnlineOCR internet page. The converter tool is visible on the home page.
  2. Choose a file to upload.
  3. choosing the output format
  4. Change the document’s format to the desired one.

This demonstrates how simple the tool is to use. Even better, it is totally free. More than 30 languages are supported by this OCR software tool. Your image can be converted to formats for Word, Excel, and plain text.

Omnipage Ultimate

Cult of Android - Get OmniPage Ultimate, The World's No. 1 Scanning  Software, And Save $400 Now [Deals] | Cult of Android

For more serious users, there is an image-to-text scanner called OmniPage Ultimate. You can quickly sort through a large collection of papers and convert them into a digital format using this OCR software tool. There are many wonderful features included with the tool, including some that you might not anticipate finding in OCR software. The tool is somewhat expensive, but you can still classify it as being in the affordable range.

OmniPage Ultimate has a reputation for being extremely accurate. Popular businesses like Ford, Amazon, and GE use the tool. This tool has a builder for customized workflows. In accordance with what is required, this enables you to deliver the digitized documents to the appropriate location in the appropriate format business documents extracted text.


Official - Readiris PDF 22 Standard, World class PDF manager

One of the best OCR and PDF programs for Windows devices is Readiris. Do you want to digitize a lot of paper for your business or for other reasons? This device has your back. Readiris is possibly the best tool for you if you want to quickly organize your paperwork and don’t mind spending a few dollars to do so. The OCR software tool is compatible with many file formats, including MS Office formats. The voice-reading feature is a wonderful addition to the tool. The tool scans a document and then uses a realistic text-to-speech conversion feature to read it aloud to your image file and upload the image.


SimpleOCR | OCR Software Experts

For converting images and non-digital files to editable digital formats, use SimpleOCR, a free OCR tool. For those users who are more tech-savvy, the tool also includes an OCR SDK. This enables programmers to create custom OCR software functionality for their applications. More than 120,000 words in your document can be recognized using the SimpleOCR dictionary.

If that is insufficient, you can modify the tool to work with uncommon words in your documents by adding new words to the dictionary. In order to extract text from content that is less clear, SimpleOCR also has excellent “noisy document” features. For instance, the text may occasionally be too small to read or the document may occasionally be dirty or badly inked. The noisy text recognition feature comes in handy in this situation: image files OCR scanner.


Build An Image & PDF Text Extraction Tool with Tesseract OCR Using  Client-side JavaScript | by Charmaine Chui | Towards Data Science

A free and open-source OCR software tool for programmers and software developers is called Tesseract. Tesseract can be used to analyze page layouts and format output text. Tesseract converts a variety of image formats thanks to the Leptonica image processing library. The Apache License governs the Tesseract library. Tesseract is a fantastic app for mobile text recognition. Even texts from videos can be read. Gmail’s image spam detection is one cool feature. This makes it possible to filter emails that contain dubious images and interesting images.

Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract API - SimpleOCR

Amazon Textract is an Amazon text-extraction program, as its name suggests. To extract text from image documents and other non-digital formats, this tool makes use of the most recent developments in machine learning. This OCR software tool can be used to scan legal documents, resumes, and other documents with similar content but no standard format. You don’t need to perform any manual labor when using Textract. Millions of documents can be scanned and converted using this tool in a single hour. The OCR software tool has been trained to recognize the elements and layout of documents. For easier access and reading, you can present the extracted data in a tabular format.


Modern, cloud-native document processing | Rossum.ai

A tool for OCR that uses AI is called Rossum. The tool is best suited for someone who wants to quickly and easily extract text and other data from invoices. The text extraction process is automated by the tool, allowing you to concentrate on tasks that are more crucial. The value promise is to accurately capture 98% of the data from any kind of document or invoice.

With this level of accuracy, the tool probably makes a lot fewer mistakes than you would if you were manually scanning the documents. The types of documents that Rossum can process are not constrained by layout. Rossum can handle the job for you regardless of the document format or type of invoice template that is used.


Klippa - company profile page ai.nl

This tool focuses on receipts and invoices. Invoice management is available through Klippa in addition to the OCR-based scanning features. You can now gather, keep track of, and handle invoices thanks to this. The invoices may come from the web, apps, or email. For an accounting process that is more efficient, you can design an approval flow. For independent contractors, this tool is fantastic. For managing expenses and yearly tax returns, there is expense management.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

This program can be thought of as a macOS substitute for Adobe Acrobat. OCR, signatures, AI-based text correction, and other great features are all included in the tool. In addition, the tool is simple for beginners to use and learn. This OCR software tool can be used, for instance, to create documents with words from images of text. To make the necessary corrections to the text being scanned, you can even proofread the content using AI.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

A top-notch data management tool with outstanding OCR capabilities is called Veryfi. You can categorize and group your documents with Veryfi to better organize them. With the help of the OCR features, you can quickly convert bills and invoices into popular digital formats like JSON. This tool benefits programmers in addition to being a great document organization tool for independent contractors.

Google Document AI

21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io


An OCR tool based on machine learning is Google Document AI. Utilizing the DocAI console, the OCR software tool can be used to process documents. Data can be extracted, for instance, from images of your documents. The tool also enables you to draw conclusions from the data that has been extracted. DocAI is a fantastic addition to your toolbox if you are a frequent user of Google’s services.

ABBYYY FlexiCapture

21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

For larger businesses that handle documents in bulk, ABBYY Flexicapture is an excellent OCR document scanning tool. You can use this tool’s many features to convert images and PDF files into editable digital formats. The tool produces editable text, tables, forms, and digital files from scanned documents.

This OCR software tool is best for larger businesses even though it can be used for even simpler document scanning tasks. Modern machine-learning algorithms power the OCR features. The OCR feature is designed in a way that makes processing documents in batches simple. It is perfect for businesses with a lot of documents because of this.

IBM Datacap

21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

You can use the OCR tool in the IBM Cloud Pack to convert image-based documents into digital format. You can use this tool to extract unstructured data from documents that use images or PDFs. For businesses looking to automate the time-consuming manual process of digitizing image-based text documents, this tool is fantastic. The OCR software tool has excellent features for role-based content management. As a result, employees can access documents according to their position within the business.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

Are you employed in the retail or real estate sectors? If so, you’re probably inundated with PDFs and various printed documents. In addition, the physical documents you have probably contain a lot of customer information. You understand the value of customer information for your business as a real estate or retail professional.

Working with physical documents is a pain, which is the only drawback. Allow me to introduce Infrrd to you. The scanning process for documents is automated by this sophisticated document management OCR software tool. Manually performing this would be impossible and take days or weeks of your valuable time.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

An easy-to-use PDF handling tool is LightPDF. With the powerful OCR feature included with this tool, you can scan PDFs and turn them into editable documents. A web-based application is LightPDF. As a result, no additional software needs to be installed.

In addition to PDF conversion, managing multiple PDFs is simple. Use of this web-based tool is free. For those who use the service frequently, there is also a pro plan. Are you hesitant to upload files to an unreliable website? No need to worry; LightPDF does not store or back up any of your personal data. Your documents are deleted from the server after you have finished using the OCR software tool.


21 Top OCR Software Generator Softlist.io

Another incredibly user-friendly tool for turning images into editable files is SmallPDF. This program allows you to convert data to Excel spreadsheets. In addition, you can extract information from other popular file formats, like JPEG or a PowerPoint presentation. You must install a different piece of software called SmallPDF. Without an internet connection, it functions everywhere. As long as you have your laptop with you, you can use it from anywhere. SmallPDF has a web editor variant. The web tool doesn’t save your documents when you use it. To add an additional layer of security, it encrypts your files into inaccessible formats.


1. How can I scan a PDF and see the text?

Open a scanned PDF document in Adobe Acrobat by selecting “File > Open…” from the menu. From the main toolbar, choose “Tools.” To use the “Enhance Scans” tool, double-click it. Expand the pull-down menu for “Recognize Text.”

2. How do I do an advanced PDF search?

To locate specific items in PDFs, you can conduct searches. You can perform a basic search within a single file or a more comprehensive search within one or more PDFs, looking for different types of data.

Text can be selectively changed. Either the Find toolbar or the Search window can be used to conduct a search. Acrobat searches the PDF body text, layers, form fields, and digital signatures in either scenario. Additionally, you can search with bookmarks and comments included. The Replace With option is exclusive to the Find toolbar.

3. How do I search for text in multiple PDF files?

Click on a result to open the PDF at the first occurrence of the word you searched for when the results are displayed. The search results’ PDF location is listed along with other instances found in the same PDF.

4. How do I search multiple text documents at once?

SeekFast is the simplest and most practical tool for text searching across multiple Word documents. With this tool, you can quickly and effectively search your documents for a particular word or phrase combination. The results are sorted according to relevance, just like on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

5. How do you know if OCR software is accurate?

By comparing the output of an OCR software run for an image to the original version of the same text, one can assess the accuracy of OCR software. After that, you can either count how many correctly recognized words or how many correctly detected characters (character level accuracy) there were.

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