21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement

21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement
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1. HubSpot

CRM: HubSpot

HubSpot got its start with inbound marketing. Through content, this CRM system helps businesses reach new users. HubSpot also offers generic CRM solutions, usually some of the best.

HubSpot’s interface is straightforward to use. The HubSpot product line is divided into marketing, sales, service, and content management systems (CMS) categories. Marketing can help you find leads faster and expand your network.

Advanced CRM software and additional features, like as the organizer of a meeting, may be found in HubSpot’s sales department. As part of the service, there are help centers, tickets, and knowledge bases. Using the information in your CRM database, you can send your customers more personalized messages that will help you build stronger customer relationships with them.

With HubSpot CRM and a CMS, you provide excellent customer service. There is also a HubSpot add-on for Gmail and Office 365.

Price Plan

A simple CRM and sales package costs $40 per user.

HubSpot CRM

Transform your business into a revenue generating machine by creating delightful customer experiences.

2. Zoho

CRM: Zoho

The primary application of Zoho CRM is for sales force automation. You can increase your lead generation by growing your network. Through the sales journey, opportunity management systems follow your leads.

You may access your client’s data and communicate with them via a variety of channels thanks to this technology. Real-time notifications are sent to customers who interact with your business. You are given analytics on the best times and ways to get in touch with leads.

Additionally, an AI-powered sales assistant supports a chatbot tool. In addition to sales, it may be used as customer service desk software.

Price Plan

The Zoho CRM tool has four different price tiers. The Basic Plan costs $12 per user.


A unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long-term vision to transform the way you work.

3. Freshsales

CRM: Freshsales

Freshsales is one of the best CRM tools offered by Freshworks. With separate SaaS for customer care and marketing teams, Freshworks is a single CRM platform.

To help you understand your leads and customers better, Freshsales uses AI. With built-in email and phone software from Freshsales, salespeople may use lead scoring to highlight their best possibilities. You receive accurate client data and practical guidance on how and when to contact customers.

Another choice is to receive email alerts about follow-ups or new engagements. With other Freshworks products like the chatbot-enabled Freshmarketer, this toolkit connects seamlessly.

Price Plan

Growth: $18 per user/month

Pro: $47 per user/month

Enterprise: $83 per user/month


A powerful Sales CRM that helps you sell smarter and close deals faster

4. Pipedrive

CRM: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM solution designed to boost sales and revenue. The goal of the name is to revive the sales pipeline and increase overall sales.

Like any other effective customer relationship management system for sales, Pipedrive enables you to keep track of every conversation you have with each customer. You can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the client experience with the help of software technology. It offers a variety of tools for managing all of your leads and open deals.

With several features, you may automate repetitive tasks. Pipedrive, which relates to analytics, sales cycle tracking, and associated operations, is a graphical application. It also offers mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and iOS devices.

Overall, Pipedrive is praised for being user-friendly.

Price Plan

Pipedrive is available for a 30-day trial.


As you do activities and drive deals forward, Pipedrive monitors your performance like a coach.

5. Keap By Infusionsoft

CRM: Keap

Two commercial SaaS that integrates well is Keap and Infusionsoft. Keap expands your company. The all-in-one marketing and sales software is called Infusionsoft.

Customer relationship management software, the foundation of Infusionsoft, keeps track of all activity and prompts you to follow up. You can connect Outlook or Gmail to it. Automating targeted email campaigns is possible, and there are effective email marketing templates to get you started.

The dashboard for managing leads is quite intuitive and adaptable. You can set up trigger emails to ensure a sales representative stays on top of the customer experience.

Price Plan

Pro Plan: $129/ month, billed annually

Max Plan: $199/ month, billed annually


Grow your revenue. Create more fans. Work fewer hours.

6. Less Annoying

CRM: Less Annoying

Here is another customer relationship management system with a proper name: Less Annoying CRM. It’s easy to use and great for startups, small businesses, and business owners on a tight budget.

With this CRM platform, managing your contacts will be simple. Customer profiles include notes, files, schedules, task management, and to-do lists. Google Calendar is connected as well.

You have uncomplicated lead management to manage your pipeline. It sends follow-up reminders to keep your sales staff informed of possible sales. Emails with the daily agenda are also accessible.

The learning curve is minimal, and this customer relationship management tool works effectively for team cooperation.

Price Plan

There are no complex price structures, extra costs, or commitments. Each user has to pay $15 per month.

Less Annoying CRM

Join 10,000+ small businesses already using a CRM that is playing on their team.

7. Monday Sales

CRM: Monday sales

Monday Sales CRM is a fantastic project management tool for companies with a seemingly endless stream of complex projects and sales assignments. The primary platform for job management offers vital time-saving and organizational features. Customers of Monday Sales CRM benefit from infinite boards for project organization and user-friendly interfaces.

Monday Sales CRM delivers user-friendly technology to help your success, whether you require a unique dashboard for specific communication requirements or want to dive into analysis with client data visualization capabilities. The fundamental work management platform stands out for its deliberate design, adaptability to any workflow, and scalability.

Price Plan

Basic CRM: $10 per seat/month. Total of $30/month for a minimum of 3 seats, billed annually

Standard CRM: $14 per seat/month. Total of $42/month for a minimum of 3 seats, billed annually

Pro CRM: $24 per seat/month. Total of $72/month for a minimum of 3 seats, billed annually


Make data-driven decisions, collaborate efficiently, and track progress with software that adapts to your way of working

8. Salesforce

CRM: Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the top brands for CRM software applications. It now has a vast selection of modules and choices. One of them is software for the “big three” divisions of marketing, sales, and customer service.

Salesforce has all of your business’s needs covered. Salesforce offers software to build up marketing automation and generate email marketing campaigns. On social media, there are alternatives for posting and listening.

Salesforce provides effective customer relationship management for sales teams. CRM software is included with Sales Cloud to quicken the sales lifecycle.

Salesforce provides CRM features for creating customer support self-service resources. It is very good at generating leads and keeping customers, and its contact information can also help customer care representatives and customer service agents assist clients more swiftly. The most significant disadvantage of Salesforce is its steep learning curve.

Price Plan

CRM software’s entry-level package costs $25. It costs $75, a professional CRM plan.

9. Act!

CRM: Act!

For contact management software, Act! once held the top spot. While it still has an old user interface, it has evolved into a more comprehensive, cloud-based CRM. Act! has integrated marketing automation features with customizable workflows and can be connected to Gmail or Outlook.

Those who have already Act! likely requires the expertise of contact management. CRM is attractive. Simply said, its user interface is outdated for the present SaaS era. Small teams work well because new employees will probably not appreciate its specifics.

Price Plan

On-premises: $37.50 per user/month, billed annually

Cloud-based: $30 per user/month, billed annually

10. Mailchimp

CRM: Mailchimp

As a SaaS for managing email newsletter subscribers, Mailchimp was initially used. It presently offers a full-featured CRM solution for small business marketing teams.

With Mailchimp’s marketing tools, you can design your company’s email campaigns, social media adverts, and landing pages. You can use a simple graphic editor to create automated marketing campaigns. You also get tools like A/B testing and consumer surveys.

Mailchimp might offer data like the likelihood of a sale for each lead. To improve your software, they also have a ton of third-party integrations and a developer API. Overall, this SaaS is great for learning about marketing.

Price Plan

Essentials: $13 per month

Standard: $20 per month

Premium: $350 per month

11. Apptivo

CRM: Apptivo

Apptivo, a cloud-based SaaS, is quite functional. For businesses of all sizes, it offers a customizable customer relationship management system.

The CRM software from Apptivo is flexible overall. It can automate data input and other repetitive tasks with the help of technology. Priority is given to customer relationship management, lead creation, and sales planning.

You get insights into your sales pipeline and opportunity management data. Apptivo integrates email utilizing services like Google’s Gmail. Marketing and regular client communication are both possible with Apptivo email templates.

This CRM solution offers statistics on how your competitors are performing as well.

Price Plan

Lite Plan: $10 per user/month

Premium Plan: $15 per user/month

Ultimate Plan: $25 per user/month

12. NetSuite

21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement Softlist.io

One of the SaaS products made by Oracle is NetSuite. CRM and ERP software are both included. Small teams with scarce resources should refrain from using it as their CRM solution.

Comprehensive customer data is present in the NetSuite CRM. You get real-time notifications when customers change their social media profiles. NetSuite CRM offers software for automating sales forces. Some of them prepare quotes, manage orders, and forecast sales.

There are tools for marketing automation and campaign management. We offer web-to-lead forms and analytics on the success of your marketing campaigns.

Price Plan

Get in touch with their customer service to find out how much NetSuite CRM costs per user.

13. Microsoft Dynamics 365

21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement Softlist.io

Microsoft takes the business of commercial SaaS seriously. Dynamics 365 is an all-inclusive set of CRM and ERP tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 employs AI to help companies find their products’ optimal customer base and demographic. You can view your entire customer base with the help of this top CRM software. Digital technologies can automate the sales process. You even receive resources to aid in coaching and sales representative performance enhancement.

Marketing tools are used to discover new leads and provide trend analysis and sales forecasting. Dynamics 365 has an extensive customer care suite and an API for customization. Project management and accounting are extra advantages of this CRM platform.

Price Plan

Starting at $20 is the Basic Sales Professional. The First Qualifying Dynamics 365 app or the Subsequent Qualifying Dynamics 365 app are further options.

14. Really Simple Systems

CRM from Really Simple Systems was simple to use before. But as the program has grown, it now provides a wide range of cutting-edge CRM capabilities.

A set of features in Really Simple Systems addresses the traditional three marketing, sales, and service areas. Marketing offers lead management and campaign management services. Additional options include automation and email marketing.

Sales software includes features for managing customers and pipelines. Tasks, calendars, and sales projections are also included. Customer service also provides case management, SLAs, and case reporting.

Price Plan

Starter: $18 per user/ month, billed monthly.

Professional: $38 per user/ month, billed monthly.

Enterprise: $55 per user/ month, billed monthly.

15. Nimble 

CRM: Nimble 

Nimble CRM obtains good rankings for usability. This CRM solution can be used by teams who use Office 365 and G Suite.

Web-based Nimble can be optimized inside web browsers or with apps like Microsoft Teams and Excel. When it comes to managing contacts, Nimble does it well. The whole history of your interactions across your channels and the ability to manage jobs and projects are available.

You can see all of your open possibilities using typical sales process management. Integrated team calendars are also quite good. Additionally, Nimble offers apps for iOS and Android.

Price Plan

Nimble bills customers annually for $19 per user every month.

16. Sugar CRM

CRM: Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is a platform that combines marketing, sales, and customer support. The CRM software is hosted locally.

In addition to SEO guidance, SugarCRM provides social media advertising solutions for marketing. Creating campaigns is straightforward, thanks to a drag-and-drop editor and templates. It can automate the process of converting contacts into leads.

Using SugarCRM, you may track emails and keep track of each lead as they progress through the sales funnel. Customer support software uses smart routing to pair users with the most suitable agent.

Price Plan

Sell Plan: $49 per user/ month for 3 users minimum, billed annually.

Serve Plan: $80 per user/ month for 3 users minimum, billed annually.

Market Plan: $1,000/ month for 10K Contacts, billed annually.

17. Zendesk

Zendesk began as a help desk software company but later branched into CRM. Since it closely integrates with Zendesk for Service, its capabilities are more geared toward help desks than other CRMs we looked at. It contains adequate functions for any company to utilize as a general-purpose CRM.

If you already use Zendesk, this CRM is probably right for you. It’s also worth a look if a support desk is your principal use case. On the other hand, if you prefer marketing automation services above customer care support, you should generally look elsewhere.

Price Plan

Each seat is available for $19 per month.

18. Insightly

CRM: Insightly

Applications for CRM and project management are both a part of Insightly. It is an established platform for big and medium-sized enterprises.

Using Insightly, you can receive a complete picture of your customers. It allows sales, marketing, and project management to share consumer data easily. Automated marketing funnels with an emphasis on audience segmentation are conceivable.

You may watch email opens, and link clicks to understand when and how often sales prospects read emails. Through lead routing, a customer is connected to the appropriate salesperson. Insightly also offers top-notch dashboards with customizability options.

Price Plan

To learn about prices, get in touch with Insightly.

19. Creatio

21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement Softlist.io

Though Creatio has gone over several names, it is still a top CRM choice. It excels in exceeding the expectations of larger sales groups, which is its area of competence.  Creatio offers technologies for marketing automation, help desks, and business processes, enabling clients to achieve diverse business objectives in a coordinated manner.

Creatio can scale to meet their needs regardless of the salesforce size. Its complexity, however, may be difficult for smaller businesses with fewer minimum criteria. However, if you are willing to take risks and have specific demands, Creatio’s low-code development tools enable practically unlimited customization options.

Price Plan

For 14 days, you may try it for free.

20. Quick Base

21 Best CRM Software for Successful Customer Engagement Softlist.io

Even though there are a lot of CRM programs out there, some small business owners find that none are quite right. Enter Quickbase, a CRM template you can download and use to create a CRM that works well together.

While most of the work is taken care of for you, “low-code” solutions like Quickbase require some familiarity with coding to produce a usable result. While only some businesses will succeed with Quickbase as their CRM of choice, developers will likely see the merit in a low-code software that can be ready for launch in weeks rather than months.

The system is reworked and changed in a sandbox environment, so it’s usually optional to take the whole CRM system offline for updates. It can replace specific components with zero downtime.

Price Plan

Team Plan: Starts at $30 per user/month. Priced annually, min 20 users

Business Plan: $50 per user/month. Priced annually, min 40 users

21. Sage

With the customer service tools in Sage CRM, your employees can help customers and keep an eye on how things are going without leaving the CRM platform. Features for team collaboration give you metrics on case histories and resolution times to help you find service gaps and tools for reporting let you make charts and reports with a lot of information.

Sage CRM has a central place to store common problems and how to fix them. You can add solutions as you go or keep reviewed and approved solutions in the knowledge base to make case resolutions more consistent and faster. You could also make a web self-service portal that lets your customers solve their problems. It would make your support team’s job easier.

If you need business solution tool articles, visit our blog now.

Price Plan

You have to call a sales rep to find out how much Sage’s CRM costs.


What Are The Main Functions Of CRM Software?

CRM software gives your marketing teams several essential functions, such as:

Reporting and analytics
Use the data in the CRM system to make reports that track and analyze how well your company and employees are doing and how productive they are.

Contact management
Keep track of and store information about customers, clients, and prospects so you can reach out to them at the right time and in the way they prefer.

Workflow automation
Make to-do lists, reminders, calendars, alerts, and templates to help you deal with customers more efficiently.

Interaction tracking
Write down each employee’s conversations and email campaigns with customers, clients, and prospects in detail so that anyone in your company can use them in the future.

What Are The Downsides Of CRM Software?

CRM software has some drawbacks, just like any business approach. Some systems may be too expensive for small business owners to buy. Many CRM services have costs that could be more obvious at first. 

For instance, in addition to the base price of the CRM, you could also have to pay for system administrators, software developers, maintenance, and data backups. Before you decide if you can afford a specific system, read the fine print and ask the CRM provider if there are any hidden costs.

If your CRM crashes or malfunctions, it might harm your business. If you lose your documents, it might be disastrous for your company’s finances and reputation with clients. Training your sales team to utilize the CRM efficiently can be time-consuming and laborious, especially if the CRM has a steep learning curve or if your team needs to be more experienced.

How Does Automation Usually Work In CRM Platforms?

Within your CRM, you can automate three types of workflows: the marketing, sales, and service roles. With CRM automation, your program can do specific tasks repeatedly, so employees don’t have to do them by hand.

It saves time, improves your team’s workflow, and helps move consumers from the knowledge-gathering stage of customer engagement to the phase where they may be adapted into clients.

Why Is It Important To Have Good CRM Data?

Data quality should be a big part of the process of customizing. You’ll need to keep an eye on both the customer data from the CRM systems and the supporting data from other systems, like finance or service desk tickets. To make sure this data is “clean,” it needs to be checked in the proper format for import and right on target with the CRM’s queries.

Tests and careful monitoring are needed to ensure that data quality is good. You’ll need to test your system often and in the same way. Depending on the size of your team and how much you’ve spent on CRM, the Validity report suggests that you also want to hire a professional in data management to keep your CRM data clean.

This person should be in charge of the whole flow of data, which includes not only your CRM but also any apps that are linked to it. They should also take care of all data management tasks, such as automating workflows, protecting data, and backing it up. If you think you need to hire someone like this in the future, you should do it as soon as possible, preferably before you buy anything.


Given the current business environment and the need for businesses to deal with the epidemic to survive, CRM solutions have become even more valuable. Maintaining contact with one’s clients is one of the key business concerns, and doing so is made possible by choosing beneficial CRM software. By doing this, you may take advantage of various channels for communicating with your consumer base.

You can use your CRM platform to direct your former physical traffic to your online store and social media profiles as eCommerce gains pace as a result of the pandemic lockdowns. Additionally, you can maintain tabs on any changes in consumer requests and watch every communication, keeping you informed of their best interests. You can achieve that and more with a powerful multifunctional application like Hubspot CRM and other CRM software.

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