CRM Software Evaluation and Comparison Guide

CRM Software Evaluation and Comparison Guide
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Customer Relationship Management Software: What Is It?

A CRM can assist you in tracking, analyzing, and auditing every stage of a customer relationship, including the initial purchase, support calls, and notes from sales calls made by the regional sales team.

Any organization can benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) software. Even as a simple addition to contact monitoring, it can be beneficial, but when used properly, it gives much more utility.

Modern CRM systems provide a wide range of functions that are adequate to meet the requirements of even the most prominent businesses. The disadvantage is that these systems occasionally have complexity.

You can check a CRM created especially for small enterprises if you find the prospect of a challenging learning curve intimidating.

On the other hand, if you need a CRM’s complete set of features, we can help. Check out the CRMs we think are best for your company by clicking on the links below.

Customer Relationship Management Software Comparison Chart

Product Best For Price
1. PipedriveVisual sales pipeline management$14.90
2. Fresh Sales Communications/Small business$18
3. HubSpot Integrations$40
4. Microsoft Dynamics 365Business intelligence$20
5. Salesforce Small business/ Small teams$25
6. Zoho Remote/Hybrid teams$12
7. InsightlyAnalytics & ReportsContact support
8. MailChimpMarketing campaigns$13
9. Less AnnoyingContact management$15
10. Really Simple SystemsSmall businesses$18
11. NimbleSmall businesses$19
12. Sugar CRM Marketing Automation$49
13. Net SuiteSales and marketing automationContact support
14. KeapMarketing automation$129
15. ApptivoWorkflow automation$10
16. ZendeskComplete customer lifecycle$25
17. CreatioMarketing automation$25
18. Act!Small businesses$30

List Of The Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

1. Pipedrive


A CRM tool called Pipedrive aims to increase sales and revenue. The name is intended to re-create the sales pipeline and boost total sales.

Pipedrive allows you to keep track of every conversation you have with each customer, just like any other good customer relationship management system for sales. Software technologies are available to ensure that you uphold high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the client journey. It provides a number of capabilities to manage all of your leads and active deals.