19 Best Network Mapping Software Alternatives

19 Best Network Mapping Software Alternatives
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You need to find a different type of program to make networks work well for your business. Enjoy yourself! A lot of people say that having the right tools is very important for managing networks. It can take hard-to-understand network data and turn it into simple useful ideas. But don’t worry.

We looked into 19 programs better than the network mapping software you already use and love. Each one has pros and cons. There would be much less work to do with your network if you had a tool that better fits your needs and budget. There are a lot of features here that can help both small and big businesses.

They range from cutting-edge analytics to easy-to-use interfaces. Our well-thought-out list is meant to get you excited and help you make an intelligent choice that could make it easier to run your network. Know more about these great options by reading on. Then, choose the one that will help your network grow the most.

1. Auvik

A screenshot of Auvik's website

Source: Auvik

Auvik stands out as an exceptional management software, specializing in cloud-based network handling. This platform excels in maintaining an organized network inventory, ensuring that all devices on your network are easily trackable and monitored in real-time. Its user-friendly interface simplifies complex network management tasks, providing a comprehensive overview of your network’s performance.

Auvik automates the more monotonous aspects of network control, enhancing both the efficiency and reliability of your network. It’s an indispensable tool for modern IT teams, streamlining the process of managing a vast array of network devices and ensuring smooth network operations.

Pricing: Auvik still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Auvik right away, click here.


Reduce IT headaches and save time with automated network discovery, documentation, monitoring, and more. Network management and troubleshooting is simpler with Auvik’s easy-to-use software.

2. Tenable Nessus

A screenshot of Tenable Nessus' website

Source: Tenable

Ready to be used Nessus is a strong person who makes sure your network is safe. A vulnerability checker is a handy tool that looks for security holes in computers and networks. Because it checks your security like a doctor, Nessus finds gaps in your defenses before hackers can use them.

It looks for back doors, missed fixes, and software that isn’t up to date. Because Nessus is needed to keep networks healthy, security is now proactive rather than reactive. Anyone in business who wants to keep their info safe should have this tool.

Pricing: It starts with an annual plan for $5,290.

To get started with Tenable Nessus right away, click here.

3. Metasploit

A screenshot of Metasploit's website

Source: Metasploit

There are lots of things that Metasploit can do as a security tool. Many people make fake hacks with this tool to test their safety. Through Metasploit, weak spots in systems can be found. This makes it easier to defend against real threats.

Hackers who are good at what they do can use the tools to break security and improve it. Metasploit turns cybersecurity into a fun and active way to protect against possible hacks. Security guards love it because it keeps their guns sharp and up to date.

Pricing: Metasploit has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Metasploit right away, click here.

4. PortSwigger Burp Suite

A screenshot of PortSwigger's website

Source: PortSwigger

A port swigger Burp Suite is a dream for people who work in protection. It has all the tools you need to test the security of web applications. It’s like a magnifying glass that checks every part of a page for holes.

Burp Suite finds security holes, from small mistakes in setup to significant gaps. It’s an essential tool for web coders and security experts because it turns the hard job of web security into a fun puzzle. With Burp Suite, ensuring that web applications are safe is easy and fun.

Pricing: PortSwigger still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with PortSwigger Burp Suite right away, click here.

5. Zabbix

A screenshot of Zabbix's website

Source: Zabbix

Zabbix, an open-source network mapping tool, functions as a vigilant sentinel over your IT infrastructure. It is adept at overseeing networks, servers, and applications, offering insights into network performance and preemptive alerts about potential issues. As a comprehensive mapper, Zabbix effectively visualizes network topology, allowing for seamless monitoring of network devices and their interactions.

This tool keeps a close watch on everything from network traffic to the health of individual computers, ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems. Zabbix’s scalable nature makes it suitable for networks of any size, transforming network tracking from a challenging task into a manageable and efficient process.

Pricing: Zabbix has not given any price information for this service or product. For the most up-to-date price information, contact them.

To get started with Zabbix right away, click here.

6. SolarWinds NPM

A screenshot of SolarWinds NPM's website

Source: SolarWinds NPM

SolarWinds NPM stands as a robust ally in maintaining optimal network health, offering a free trial for users to experience its capabilities firsthand. This tool is not just a monitoring solution but also excels in network discovery, effortlessly pinpointing potential issues, and tracking network performance. It’s akin to having a round-the-clock network specialist, ensuring constant vigilance.

SolarWinds NPM’s proactive approach to identifying performance dips and problems streamlines the troubleshooting process. This enables a safer and more efficient network connection for users. Additionally, its network diagram feature, available in both the free version and the full package, simplifies the understanding and management of network layouts, making the task of keeping your network in top condition both easier and more efficient.

Pricing: SolarWinds NPM has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with SolarWinds NPM right away, click here.

7. Zscaler Private Access

A screenshot of Zscaler's website

Source: Zscaler

Zscaler Private Access serves as a digital guardian in today’s complex network environments, offering a secure alternative to traditional VPNs. This solution is particularly adept at facilitating safe access to confidential applications, creating a secure pathway that bypasses the public internet – akin to an encrypted, underground tunnel. Its network topology map feature enhances visibility into the network’s structure, ensuring robust security.

This free network mapping tool is ideal for remote work scenarios, simplifying secure connections for home-based employees. As a network topology mapper, Zscaler Private Access excels in safeguarding digital assets while offering an intuitive user experience. Businesses looking to fortify their cybersecurity and streamline access for users will find this tool transformative in managing their intricate network landscapes.

Pricing: Zscaler still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Zscaler right away, click here.

8. Lansweeper

A screenshot of Lansweeper's website

Source: Lansweeper

Lansweeper emerges as a comprehensive network performance monitor, designed to adeptly manage evolving assets within a real-time network. This network monitoring software boasts the capability to effortlessly detect and catalog all network devices, akin to performing a technological sleight of hand. It enables efficient tracking of user information, as well as software and hardware inventories.

Featuring detailed views, Lansweeper simplifies the management of IT assets, automating the discovery of assets and ensuring up-to-the-minute updates. This functionality is crucial for navigating and maintaining oversight in a complex digital landscape. Lansweeper stands as an essential tool for proficiently managing and monitoring network performance, catering to the dynamic needs of modern networks.

Pricing: It starts with three annual plans ranging from $2,000 to $25,000.

To get started with Lansweeper right away, click here.

9. PRTG Network Monitor

A screenshot of Paessler PRTG's website

Source: Paessler PRTG

PRTG Network Monitor is like a watchful angel for your network. It keeps an eye on the health and performance of the network all the time. Get immediate reports about problems with the web before they get worse.

Very simple to use and easy to set up. Provides thorough reports for making choices based on data. It works with a lot of different gadgets and standards. Perfect for making sure that network activities go smoothly.

Pricing: PRTG still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with PRTG right away, click here.

10. Wireshark

A screenshot of Wireshark's website

Source: Wireshark

Wireshark can be considered a digital detective that can find out what is going on with network data. This free program records and examines data bits as they move across a network. You can think of it as a microscope for your internet link.

It lets you see everything, from downloads to emails. Wireshark helps find network problems, look for security holes, and determine how data moves through them. IT workers and people who work in cybersecurity use it a lot. With Wireshark, it’s fun to explore your network and find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

Pricing: Wireshark has not given any price information for this service or product. For the most up-to-date price information, contact them.

To get started with Wireshark right away, click here.

11. SolarWinds ipMonitor

A screenshot of SolarWinds ipMonitor's website

Source: SolarWinds ipMonitor

SolarWinds ipMonitor is a robust tracking tool. It gives you essential information about your servers, apps, and network. It is made to quickly and effectively solve problems. It has an easy-to-use design that makes it simple to use. Makes sure that the IT system is always available and working well. made to fit the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. An essential tool for proactive tracking of IT.

Pricing: SolarWinds still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with SolarWinds ipMonitor right away, click here.

12. ManageEngine OpManager

A screenshot of ManageEngine's website

Source: ManageEngine

Managing the Engine The OpManager software like the paessler PRTG network monitor offers a package that has everything you need to manage networks. It holds the network up and ensures it works well all the time. It gives you control over your network and a clear view of it in real-time.

It gives you a lot of power over network problems and speed. You can get quick information from dashboards that you can change. It works great for large, complicated networks. helps people who work in IT manage networks better.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $49 to $399.

To get started with ManageEngine right away, click here.

13. PingPlotter

A screenshot of PingPlotter's website

Source: PingPlotter

PingPlotter stands out as an essential tool for network administrators, offering advanced network analysis capabilities. As a network mapper, it provides clear insights into the functioning of automatic networks, enabling effortless analysis. This tool excels in swiftly pinpointing the root causes of network issues, armed with both real-time and historical data for thorough investigations.

Designed to be user-friendly, PingPlotter is accessible to both networking experts and laypersons. It is an indispensable asset for diagnosing and resolving network problems, simplifying what would otherwise be a complex task of network troubleshooting and maintenance.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $6.99 to $90.

To get started with PingPlotter right away, click here.

14. TruView

A screenshot of TruView's website

Source: TruView

TruView emerges as an innovative solution for those looking to scan your network and enhance network visibility. This cutting-edge tool excels in simultaneously measuring network performance, application behavior, and end-user experience. It provides a comprehensive view of your network’s overall health and efficiency.

Optimized to rapidly identify and address issues, TruView is particularly adept at handling complex and distributed networks. It offers crucial insights that are vital for effective network management. By revolutionizing the approach to network monitoring, TruView sets a new standard in understanding and optimizing network functionalities.

Pricing: TruView still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with TruView right away, click here.

15. Intermapper

A screenshot of Intermapper's website

Source: Intermapper

Intermapper lets you map and watch networks interactively. It brings bright, real-time maps to your network. See right away how the network is set up and any speed problems. It lets you know about issues with the web before they get out of hand.

Best for networks of all sizes, from small to big. Changes can be made to make it work with your network. Intermapper makes managing networks easy to understand and quick.

Pricing: Intermapper still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Intermapper right away, click here.

16. Microsoft Network Monitor

A screenshot of Microsoft's website

Source: Microsoft

The Microsoft Network Monitor is a vital tool for monitoring networks. It records and looks at network data to find problems. With real-time research, you can get really into network data. The system is designed to be easy for anyone to use and navigate.

cIt’s perfect for finding network problems and ensuring they are safe. It works with many different network types—a go-to tool for IT workers to keep networks running smoothly.

Pricing: You may use it for FREE!

To get started with Microsoft Network Monitor right away, click here.

17. NinjaOne

A screenshot of NinjaOne's website

Source: NinjaOne

NinjaOne is a tool for managing IT that does everything. It makes the complicated tasks of IT processes easier. Allows easy monitoring and control from a distance. Automates routine jobs to make them more efficient.

Offers robust endpoint control features. This is perfect for IT teams and managed service providers. The changes in how IT teams work are changed by NinjaOne, making them more proactive and efficient.

Pricing: NinjaOne still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with NinjaOne right away, click here.

18. ThousandEyes

A screenshot of ThousandEyes' website

Source: ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes is a platform for network data. It gives you the best information about how well the internet, the cloud, and SaaS work. Shows network paths so problems can be found fast. Keeps an eye on global network settings well.

Ideal for making sure your internet life runs smoothly. Allows businesses to make choices based on data. ThousandEyes is an integral part of keeping digital experiences running smoothly.

Pricing: ThousandEyes still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with ThousandEyes right away, click here.

19. LogicMonitor

A screenshot of LogicMonitor's website

Source: LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring tool that does everything for you. Networks, computers, and cloud services can all be monitored in detail. It gives insights that can be used to achieve peak efficiency.

Simple to set up and grow with your network. Dashboards that can be changed to fit your needs. It works excellently in current IT settings. LogicMonitor streamlines IT processes, which makes them faster and better at what they do.

Pricing: LogicMonitor still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with LogicMonitor right away, click here.

Final Thoughts

We have now seen 19 of the best alternatives to network mapping software. Network management is a broad field with lots of job possibilities. A big difference exists between running a small business network and a vast company system. The right tool can make all the difference in how well, safely, and quickly you can run your network.

Because each piece of software we’ve discussed is different, it can meet many different needs and preferences. Remember that the most important thing is to choose an option that can grow with your business and meet your goals. It would help if you were not scared to try different options until you find the best one.

Staying updated and adaptable in network management is essential because things are constantly changing. Want to learn about more AI tools that can change the way you do IT? Read our post about the 23 best visual collaboration tools

Take advantage of technology and look forward to the days when controlling a network will be simple and effective

Visit our blog to learn more about network mapping software tools..

Frequently Asked Questions: Knowing More About Network Mapping Software or Tools

What are the best free network mapping software options?

The best free network mapping software typically includes Nmap, which is free and open-source, and Lantopolog, also available for free. These tools offer automated network discovery and the ability to map your network effectively.

How does SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper enhance network visibility?

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper is designed for automated network discovery, creating detailed network maps. It helps administrators visualize the network and the connections between devices, enhancing overall network infrastructure understanding.

Can network mapping tools support both small and larger networks?

Yes, the best network mapping tools are scalable and can effectively map a network regardless of its size. They are designed to adapt to various types of networks, from small business setups to larger network infrastructures.

What is the significance of automated network discovery in mapping software?

Automated network discovery simplifies the process of discovering the network and mapping the network. This feature allows the software to automatically detect devices connected to the network, reducing manual input and improving accuracy.

Are there network mapping solutions that offer both free and paid versions?

Many network mapping solutions offer free and paid versions. The free versions typically include basic network mapping features, while the paid versions provide advanced capabilities such as application dependency mapping and detailed network documentation.

How do network mapping and monitoring tools differ?

Network mapping tools focus on creating a visual representation of the network, showing devices and connections. Network monitoring tools, however, track the performance and health of the network in real-time, providing ongoing operational insights.

What types of data can be visualized with network mapping software?

Network mapping software solutions can visualize a complete IT network, including network device configurations, network topology diagrams, and even application dependency mappings.

How does network mapping software assist network administrators?

Network mapping software assists administrators by providing a clear visual of devices in their network, their interconnections, and changes made to the network. This helps in efficient network management and troubleshooting.

What advanced features do top network mapping software support?

Top network mapping software supports advanced techniques for mapping, such as real-time network mapping, network map editing tools, and detailed network map views that show all aspects of the network infrastructure.

Why is network documentation important in network mapping?

Network documentation is crucial in network mapping as it provides a detailed record of the network and its configurations, aiding in maintenance, troubleshooting, and planning for future expansions or changes.

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