What is a Video Generator?

Video generator
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What is a video generator? In short, it is a video editing software that takes the text and turns it into a video. This text-to-video process is manually done by inputting text. Artificial intelligence creates a video based on a provided script. Video generators are becoming popular as businesses strive to create more engaging content. This blog post will discuss the definition of video generators and what they can do for your business!

What is a Video Generator

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AI video generators are online software that operates in your browser and can create professional videos from scratch using artificial intelligence algorithms.

These tools can create engaging videos of any length with content based on some input parameters. It might sound complex, but it is simple to use.

For example, a user can input keywords, and the AI will generate an interpretive video unrelated to the provided keywords.

The more popular option is to script several paragraphs of text or even take an entire blog post that you feed into the machine.

You can improve the appearance of the video by selecting from various templates, styles, and actors.

The AI video generator can also add music and sound effects in some cases to make your video more captivating.

What are the Uses of Video Generators

Artificial Intelligence completely changes the video industry by providing content analysis, automatic editing, and personalized recommendations.

Content Analysis

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AI help companies analyze the content of a video. AI can also identify elements such as people and objects. In addition, AI can analyze any text or speech in the video to determine the topic and sentiment.

The “Data.gov” project is a perfect demonstration of this. The project uses several AI technologies to analyze videos of the US president’s speeches.

Researchers can use this technology to search for specific words in presidential speeches and find corresponding video clips. Doing so makes studying these speeches much simpler.

For example, AI can check and identify a video’s location, the people featured in it, and what is happening.

AI can identify people and objects by using a pre-existing database of faces. After the identification, the AI compare the appearance of various individuals.

For example, businesses that analyze the content of instruction videos (bread beyond dot com/ training videos) on Facebook can use AI to glean information about consumer preferences and behavior.

In turn, this allows businesses to generate more relevant and targeted content.

Automatic Editing

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After the world’s announcement of AI in video editing, many businesses have found that they can save time and money. The reason is that AI helps to identify essential parts of a video automatically and creates a summary. Doing so reduces the need for manual editing, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

An excellent example is the Google Photos application. This app uses AI to automatically choose the best photos from a set and create photo albums.

Personalized Recommendations

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Using AI, businesses can create recommendations for viewers based on their Analyzing past viewing habits. Showing videos that the viewer can enjoy helps increase viewership and engagement overall.

An excellent example of how personalized recommendations improve engagement is Netflix. To suggest videos individual viewers are likely to enjoy, Netflix uses a Personalized Recommendations system.

The algorithm Netflix employs considers viewers’ watching habits. The algorithm also considers the ratings and reviews provided by those viewers. Doing so allows Netflix to suggest videos that individuals are likely to find appealing.

How do Video Generators Work

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AI video makers utilize Artificial Intelligence to generate videos by collecting data from various sources, including written text, images, and audio files.

Although people are required to set parameters, AI-created videos are made with little else in terms of human intervention.

How do they work?

You can use Synthesia to create AI videos. Just enter some text, choose an avatar, and let the AI video creator do its job.

The best thing? You won’t need to edit, and you don’t have to be on your videos. Most video generators have many avatars (human presenters) that can do the job for you.

The Benefits of Using a Video Generator

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Videos are simpler to consume than text. This reason is why more people want to watch videos. It’s not surprising that video is becoming the preferred format for content consumption. Viewers tend to retain 95% of a message when watching it as a video, compared to only 10% when reading it in text form in just a few words. The reason is that research shows that video is simply more engaging and memorable than written words on a page.

There’s no doubt about it — video will be the primary form of media soon, and this shift will be driven by artificial intelligence. Synthetic video is now easier to create than ever before, and editing doesn’t require any special skills. So what are some of the key implications of using AI in video production and post-production?

AI lets anyone create video content easily

Making an intriguing video used to require a particular set of skills.

In the past, creating professional-looking videos was a daunting task that only experts could do. Nowadays, however, even amateurs can make great videos with just their cell phones and some editing tools. The focus has shifted from technical skills to creativity, which is a good thing.

AI unlocks human creativity

A hand writing the words "Be creative" with a drawing of a lit light bulb at the end.

Now that anyone can create high-quality videos without any technical limitations, people of all ages are doing so.

As an increasing amount of video content is being produced every day, videos need to be interesting and capture the viewer’s attention.

With new tools available, video creation is easier than ever before and provides opportunities for fresh, creative forms of communication or social media platforms (such as TikToks, snaps, stories, youtube videos, or looms).

AI will help create videos on a larger scale

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We cannot emphasize enough how important it is: AI eliminates the tedious video creation process of traditional video production.

Nowadays, you can rapidly produce high-quality videos with little exertion. This capability gives creators the ability to generate video content on a large scale. For example, you can localize or translate your videos into different languages quickly and easily.

AI can help you create new content or edit existing footage, which ultimately saves time, money, and stress.

How to Choose the Right Video Generator for Your Needs

While all AI video creators come with different video editing features, you need to compare each software carefully to select the one that meets your specific needs. Here are a few key factors you should keep in mind when choosing an AI video generator:

Ease of use

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If you’re new to making videos, you’ll want an AI video generator that is easy to use so you don’t get overwhelmed. Some video generators require quite a lot of user input complex data to generate a decent quality video, while others only need limited user input and still produce great results.

Avatar options

An image showing 3 different  templates.

A lot of AI video creators come with default avatars, but some also offer users the ability to create custom avatars. If you want an avatar that’s one-of-a-kind, pick a video generator that has this option.


Corella Pears being sold on the market at $4.80/kg.

If you’re looking for affordable software that will provide you with the most value, try opting for one with a free trial period. This way, you can test it out and see if it fits your needs without having to commit right away.

Supported languages

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To target a wider range of consumers, you might want an AI video generator that can create content in multiple languages. You would also need software that is compatible with the main language spoken by your audience.

Tips for Using a Video Generator Effectively

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By using AI content generators or copywriting tools, you can save time writing scripts for your AI videos.

These sites use GPT-3 technology to create readable texts that would work well as a script for your video.

In some cases, these formulas can even write the script based on given information.

This way, you could have a high-converting video within minutes of starting the process.


A magnifying glass on a paper indicating the phrase "Frequently asked Questions."

1) What is a video generator?

AI video generators are online software that operates in your browser and can create professional videos from scratch using artificial intelligence algorithms. These tools can create engaging videos of any length with content based on some input parameters. It might sound complex, but it’s simple to use.

2) What are the benefits of using a video generator?

AI lets anyone create video content easily
AI unlocks human creativity
AI will help make videos on a larger scale

3) How do you choose the right video generator for your needs?

Ease of use
Avatar options
Supported languages

4) How much does a video generator cost?

Starts at $17 per month
Starts at $12 per month
Starts at $30 per month
Starts at $11 per month
Starts at $29 per month

5) How do they work?

AI video makers utilize Artificial Intelligence to generate videos by collecting data from various sources, including written text, images, and audio files.
Although people are required to set parameters, AI-created videos can be made with little else in terms of human intervention.

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