37 Best Video Generators

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With video content becoming an increasingly important part of online marketing, it’s important to have the right tools to create high-quality videos. In this blog post, we will discuss 37 of the best video generators available today. These tools will help you create professional-grade videos with ease. So whether you’re a business owner looking to create marketing videos, or a blogger looking to add more visual content to your site, these video generators are sure to come in handy!

37 best video generators

1.) RAV.AI: Easy access and portable generator

Rav.ai, the World's First Automated Video Content Generation Platform for  Video, Launches at eMerge | Newswire

VideoGrit is the world’s first AI video generator service. It enables you to create custom videos and edits according to your specifications. You can use it for tasks such as video creation, video editing, and adding text, effects, transitions, and images. Plus, you get unlimited revisions!

RAV.AI is an affordable, yet excellent video editing software that will both save you time and produce videos that are great for sharing on social media or uploading to websites

2.) Pictory AI: create personalized content

Pictory AI Review - Make pro videos just from a script - YouTube

Pictory is most well-known for our AI video generator which can take short videos or long texts and summarize them into a short video with subtitles. Our conversion rates are higher than those of any of our competitors, making us the best option when it comes to choosing a provider for your business needs.

Online, there are a plethora of video generator tools at your disposal. With Visuals to video, Articles to video, and Scripts to video available you can make videos for any purpose that interests you. Videos can be used for branding purposes, training, and sales enablement in various industries like education or marketing.

3.) OFFEO: produces no error occurring files

Offeo Online Video Maker Review: My True Experience [2022]

Video marketing is an innovative technique that uses video ads to promote a brand. It aspires to be one of the most well-known companies among AI’s leading content creators. Furthermore, it assists with creating Content, Automatic uploads, Taglines, Business Information, Video animation, and Templates while also helping you Manage colors & fonts.

4.) Invideo: modal window

InVideo: Simple online video editing tool - MadeByBrain

Quickly create professional videos online with AI-based video generators. These video generator tools rely on important texts or scripts to produce high-quality visuals.

In the video, you will find how to create:


-Video ads


-Video testimonials

-Promo videos

-Branding templates

-Video presentations

-Youtube Videos

5.) Wave Video

Wave.video Presents a New Technology for Instant Video Content Updates

Wave Video enables users to create videos with AI video generators specifically catered to whichever social media platform they’re using. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Wave Video can generate a high-quality video similar to Vidnami (which is not available online at the moment). All you need is to provide some words related to what type of video you want, and Wave will do the rest by finding matching clips and images.

With our easy-to-use sync feature, you can rapidly export your footage in high definition. Plus, we have more templates than any of our competitors; and all of our templates come with motion graphics to make editing a breeze.

Wave Video has three pricing categories: Free, Creator at $24/month, and Business for $48/month.

6.) Designs AI

Designs.ai - Creative work done effortlessly

This platform is preferred by professionals for its long-term project support and video capabilities, including ludes video creation, logo making, design creation, mockup maker, and speech creator. In addition to these features, Designs AI offers other powerful tools such as:

-Logo Creator

-Mockup Generator

-Speech Maker

-Design Studio

-Color Matcher

-Calendar App

If you’re new to video animation or editing and are seeking an user-friendly software with helpful tutorials, this is the best option for you. It creates stunning videos without extensive experience needed.

7.) Synthesia

Synthesia | #1 AI Video Generation Platform

Synthesia is a quick and easy AI video generator tool that lets you create videos in any language by using only text commands. You can also get pre-made avatars to act as explainers for your videos.

This AI video generator tool is distinguished by its avatars, which come in over 40 numbers. You can also get facial expressions and gestures from this artificial intelligence software.

Notable for its AI-based technology, this video editing tool is specially designed for professionals. It offers:

-4K footage capability

-360° angle rotation

-Variety of sound audio effects

-Selection of transitions and filters

-(Supports) numerous file formats

8.) FlexClip

Flexclip is an AI video generator tool that, like other similar platforms, turns text into videos. Flexclip’s features are:


-Variable-style videos

-Business promos

-Trailer videos

-New Videos

Flexclip offers a free plan for $0/month, a basic plan at$9.99/month, a Plus plan for $19.99/month, and the business supreme plan which is only $29/ month!

9.) Recreate AI

Recreate.Ai - Easiest Video Maker For All Your Social Media Needs! - YouTube

Recreate AI is an excellent way to edit and generate videos using artificial intelligence. All you needis a link or some text on your desired topic, and the AI video generator will produce a great video for you automatically. With this technology,you can create high-quality videos with customized musicand visual effects included. With this subscription, you will have access to:


-Audi sounds

-Emotional tunes

-Adjustment of video speed

-Addition of subtitles


10.) Lumen5

Lumen5 - Video Maker | Create Videos Online in Minutes

Lumen5 is an AI-based software that has become increasingly popular due to its beautiful unlimited templates and multiple features, one of which allows you to create high-quality videos by simply providing text, links, or importing blog posts.

If you’re new to Lumen5, we have good news for you! We offer a free version with limited features just for beginners. Not only that, but you can get your video done in only a few minutes.

11.) Gliacloud

GliaCloud - iKala Cloud

This software is excellent at taking videos from social media, sports games, and news sources and converting them into AI videos. Text-to-video conversion makes this possible; however, it’s not free. Nevertheless, many people believe that the price is worth it because of how well the software works.

This product is not only perfect for businesses but also extremely helpful for people who need an attractive video file for their brand marketing.

12.) Veed

VEED Review - Online Screen Recorder Tool - Remoters

Veed is a well-known, user-friendly platform that allows you to create videos ranging from short to long lengths. You can then post these videos on your social media channels or YouTube channel. The main users of Veed include:

• Individual professionals

• Agencies

• Brands

This video generator program is available with multiple options and has many features that work well for customers. The free version is available for everyone to try or train themselves, but it does have a watermark. You can use the program with very little training and customize it to fit your needs:






-Add subtitles

-Powerful effects

13.) Kapwing

Kapwing is an excellent choice as a video generator because of its variety of features and low-cost subscriptions. It’s a unique mixture of several tools that you can either use online or download to your computer, making it one of the most versatile options available.

Kapwing is a free online tool, with a Pro plan that charges $17/month, and a Teams plan also available at $17/month.

14.) BigVU

BIGVU Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives | GetApp

Some of the best AI software is now available on mobile, which you can use to create:

– professional and high-quality videos

– vlogs in multiple styles with excellent templates

– teleprompter feature for better productivity

This video generator software is designed to help newbies turn their scripts into videos. All you have to do is enter your script, and the app will generate a video for you. You can create an account on this software, but it is not free; you have to buy a subscription.

15.) PicsArt

Picsart brings its editing tools to Google Drive with new integration |  TechCrunch

If you’re one of those people who parade their social media with continuous, unique pictures, then this is the tool for you. With AI video generator technology, allCyte allows you to create videos and photographs using only text. But that’s not all – you can also create:


-Digital drawings


You can download Proof from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Some features include:





-Backgrounds images /videos ­‐ StockUnlimited -Pixabay license (Changes quarterly)

Text effects art: ie fire, 3D text, balloons, etc Overlays eg digital scratchy card fonts All included

16.) Magisto

Add subtitles to Magisto

Magisto is a great video generator tool for business people and marketers, whether they are new to the field or experienced professionals. With an easy-to-use interface, you can create videos in only minutes.

Our library is packed with an abundance of templates to make your video unforgettable. Some standout features are:

-Titles and subtitles

-Alluring effects

-Video editing

-Fluid transitions

-Appealing layout

-High definition graphics

Magisto subscription plans are as follows:

Premium one – $9.99/monthly

The professional version charges $19.99/monthly

The business version costs $69.99/monthly

17.) Vedia AI

Vedia.ai - Home | Facebook

Some of the most popular AI video generator tools used in business development are known for their ability to improve:

-The quality of the videos

-Data uploads and management

-Video scaling and performance

-Customer service interaction and efficiency

-Brand awareness and popularity among consumers

18.) Wisecut

Wisecut - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

If you have a video but editing it seems like too time-consuming of a task, Wisecut might be the tool for you. You can upload your videos onto the site and it will do all the work for you.

With Wisecut, you don’t have to worry about silences in your videos any more! It also inserts smart background music and subtitles/transcription as well as reduces the volume of the background music when you are talking.

The Freemium offer provides users with basic features and 30 video minutes per month, 2GB storage, and video files that are either 1GB per file or 30 video minutes.

The STANDARD plan is only $10/mo and provides you with enhanced resolution, increased storage space of up to 70GB, and videos that are up to 60 minutes in length. You also gain access to premium features such as facial recognition software, auto-translations, automatic noise-canceling technology, etc.

19.) Rephrase.ai


If you have a lot of customers, Rephrase.ai can help you create marketing videos using AI text-to-speech technology quickly and easily.

You can use it to create targeted video ads and custom landing pages based on geographical location, as well as personalized messages for each stage of your sales funnel.

The Rephrase.ai technology is not a system that you can simply purchase and then forget about- it requires regular updates and maintenance from the team. Contact us to discuss your marketing needs so we can give you an accurate price quote.

20.) Libravid

Libravid Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Libravid is a video platform for creators. With our easy-to-use video generator tools, you can edit, share, review and publish your videos with ease. Our browser-based video editor allows collaborators to work on the same sequence in real-time, with all changes and comments pushed live. Plus, we support videos with alpha channels and offer powerful effects like color correction, scale adjustment, position control, cropping tool plus title generators and transitions – everything you need to create stunning videos that stand out from the crowd!

With its in-built review and approval workflows, the platform enables clients and collaborators to comment on and approve videos as well as other files from any location securely. In addition, custom metadata and tagging enable media to be sorted, searched for, and organized so that team members can find what they require quickly.

21.) Synths.video

Turn Articles into Videos in One Click: Synths Video

Synths.video is a web application that, similar to the others on this list, enables you to create AI-generated videos from text inputs. The quality of these videos is just as high as those produced by Synthesia and can be repurposed for other engaging YouTube content.

This video generator offer a straightforward pricing plan that is easy on the pockets of small businesses:

-The YouTube Start package, which is only $399 per month for 10 videos.

-And the Premium and Customizable plan, where users can produce up to 100 videos per month for a reasonable price of $3200, inclusive of features such as Youtube thumbnails and branding.

22.) Elai

How to create an E-learning video with Elai.io - YouTube

Elai isn’t just excellent for rapidly and effortlessly creating videos. It can also help you achieve your business goals, whether that’s increasing conversions, boosting brand awareness, or enhancing customer satisfaction.

Elai provides an assortment of video templates for any purpose.

You can also generate videos in multiple languages with this video generator’s automated translation feature.

If you want to add a personal touch, use the avatar creation tool to make your own personalized brand video.

23.) Synthesys


Synthesys uses modern algorithms and AI video generators to create lifelike videos and audio. With Synthesys’ text-to-speech technology, you can make videos that sound like a normal conversation.

With this video generator’s text-to-video technology, you can create videos that look natural and realistic. If you’re tired of hearing voiceovers that don’t sound natural or watching videos that don’t look real, Synthesys is the perfect tool for you.

24.) Viomatic

VIOMATIC: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download | AlternativeTo

Viomatic easily creates videos from various types of content, such as websites, images, video clips, and text. You can create videos quickly and easily on Viomatic without any prior experience or knowledge.

Viomatic offers human-like text-to-speech, automated explainer videos, RSS to video, and YouTube upload capabilities. The Business edition of this video generator starts at $49 a month for plans that are based on the number of video minutes and quality (e.g., 1080p vs 720p).

25.) Aivo

Aivo Conversational AI | Automate outstanding customer experiences

Aivo is a company that uses artificial intelligence to try and change the way companies and customers interact.

AgentBot is Aivo’s primary product and it uses artificial intelligence for automated customer service that communicates with customers on multiple channels. Also, this video generator has the ability to learn from users to help companies enhance customer experience. Some big-name clients of AgentBot are Sony, AIG, visa, GM Telefónica, and LG.

26.) Funimate

Funimate | San Francisco CA | Facebook

With Funimate, you can produce professional-grade edits quickly and easily with our unique and advanced editing features. Join the millions of other users who have already discovered just how great Funimate is!

Make your Fan Edits outstanding with our custom video features like transitions, animations, text effects, and filters.

Before you can start using Funimate, you first need to create a user account. You can do this quickly by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to browse other users’ videos, customize your profile page, and upload videos of your own!

27.) Placeit

Placeit Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of placeit.net

Placeit is “your one-stop shop for mock-ups, logos, design templates, and animated videos”. Placeit has you covered with easy-to-use logo makers that can help set your eCommerce store apart from the rest and solidify your brand.

Placeit strives to provide users with high-quality branding and marketing tools that are easy to use, regardless of technical or artistic skills.

28.) Rocketium

Rocketium | Agile CreativeOps Platform

Rocketium is an innovative software video generator company that provides design and creative automation for businesses large and small. We are proud to be registered in the United States, specifically in Newark, Delaware. rocketium has helped countless customers streamline their marketing efforts by automating key processes- leaving more time for them to focus on what they love!

Rocketium is the perfect CreativeOps platform for enterprises that want to do more with their existing teams, processes, and tools. With our combination of creative automation, seamless collaboration, automated brand compliance, powerful creative analytics, and smart content management; there’s nothing our platform can’t help you accomplish!

29.) Moovly

Moovly l Online Video Editor I Make Videos Online

Moovly is the #1 solution for creating videos in any style, customizable, and easy to use. White label Moovly to make it your organization’s own internal video creation platform. You can create videos in any style you like with Moovly, even replicate your organization’s brand style across all videos.

30.) Multimedia5


Multimedia5 is a game-changer for marketers, small businesses, and publishers who want to create engaging video content without breaking the bank. This video generator software uses cutting-edge AI technology to automate production and provide users with fast, high-quality videos perfect for social media platforms.

31.) Comovid

Comovid | Tel Aviv

Comovid is an easy-to-use video creation platform that can turn any URL into a stunning video in just minutes. With Comovid, you can transform any type of content – whether it’s text, rich media, images, or videos – into short and engaging videos with no integration required.

32.) Txttomedia

7 Best AI Video Maker Software of 2022 (50 Video Generators Ranked)

TXTOmedia provides a technology that automates the localization of training, instruction, and how-to videos. This allows for a quicker time-to-market while also improving customer and employee experience while decreasing cost and carbon footprint.

TXTOmedia’s Video Creation Cloud (VCC) is a SaaS solution that automates the creation of video.

33.) GoDaddy Studio

Introducing GoDaddy Studio - YouTube

GoDaddy Studio is a mobile design app that helps businesses create content that packs a punch, making brands and designs stand out from the rest. With features like Customizable Branding, Collaboration Tools, and Search/Filter, it’s easy to see why this app is so popular.

34.) Kaspar

37 Best Video Generators Softlist.io

Kaspar is a video generator tool and personal assistant that can be customized to help film and TV makers and producers work with vast amounts of media. Using AI and Machine Learning models, Kaspar watches, analyzes, and tags footage, automating tedious tasks to help find meaningful edits. Kaspar will learn what’s important from your specific footage, giving it the power to become a smart assistant tailored just for you.

35.) Simon Says

Edit Video Fast | Simon Says

Simon Says is engineered for video professionals and with seamless integration, it works with post-production applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut, Pro X. per word, Simon Says also includes an elite visual transcript and subtitle editor that you can invite your team to. Then export for Adobe (and every NLE) so you can get back to work quickly.

36.) descript

Descript Launches Multi-Language Transcription to Support Global User Base

Descript is an easy-to-use editor that makes your editing process a breeze. With Descript, you can either upload media, video play, or record directly into the program to transcribe your significant amount of files into text format–and all of this happens instantaneously!

37.) Peech

AI Video Editor Startup Peech Raises $8.3M - Voicebot.ai

Peech is the only video generator and management platform you’ll need to create an unlimited amount of content quickly. By customizing Peech’s automatic platform to match your company’s branding, marketing goals, videos, and visuals, you can make high-quality videos that are engaging and consistent with just one click.


Looking for an easy and effective way to create video content at scale? Consider using GoDaddy Studio, a mobile design app that offers a wide range of features such as customizable branding, collaboration tools, and search/filter functionality. With its seamless integration with post-production applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, Simon Says is another great option for video editors and producers looking to streamline their workflow. Other tools that may be worth considering include Kaspar, Descript, Peech, and VCC. Whether you need help transcribing audio or removing unwanted content from your videos, these video generators can help you create high-quality content with minimal effort.


1. What is GoDaddy Studio and how does it work?

GoDaddy Studio is a mobile design video generator app that enables users to quickly and easily create video content at scale. With customizable branding options, collaboration tools, and search/filter functionality, it is designed to help video producers and editors manage large amounts of media more efficiently. To use GoDaddy Studio, simply upload your media files and start editing.

2. What are some of the key features of Simon Says?

Simon Says is a frame-accurate video generator that offers seamless integration with post-production applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. Other key features include a timecode per word, a world-class visual transcript and subtitle editor, and the ability to export content for multiple NLEs.

3. What makes Descript different from other video editing platforms?

Unlike many other video editors, Descript is an all-in-one video generator platform that allows you to transcribe your media files into text, edit out mistakes and filler words, and export your content for use in a wide range of NLEs. In addition, Descript’s automatic speaker detection feature makes it easy to create high-quality, accurate transcripts quickly and easily. Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful and intuitive video editing tool that offers advanced features such as multi-track editing, live collaboration, and auto-captioning, Descript is a great option.

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