OCR Software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: A Review

OCR Software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: A Review
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Are you in search of excellent optical character recognition (OCR) software for your scanned documents? This review explores Adobe Acrobat Pro DC’s OCR capabilities, offering reasons for our strong endorsement.

Overview Of Optical Character Recognition Software Tool

Optical Character Recognition Software

Scanning paper documents used to be possible only with a scanning machine. But now, you can already convert physical documents with online scanning apps that can be installed on smartphones.

However, that’s all there is to it. The scanned documents or PDF files only reflect what was on the original scanned images, but the text or data entry cannot be copied and pasted.

Thanks to optical character recognition software, data extraction of business documents is easier as the tool automatically extracts data. This helps users obtain the data they need without extra effort.

OCR software is a technology that allows a computer to recognize and extract text from an image or a scanned document by analyzing the image and recognizable patterns in the text. It then converts the text into a machine-readable format such as PDF files.

This OCR optical character recognition tool helps improve efficiency by automating data entry and data extraction from business documents.

Whether you use free OCR software in government or private organizations, OCR technology is one of the best things that has happened to automation tools.

Let this article convince you that with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you’ll always have the intelligent character recognition you need for your electronic documents.

What Is The Latest Acrobat Pro DC? The Industry Standard for PDF OCR Software

What Is The OCR Software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

We know how powerful the name Adobe is in the field of automation. When it’s Adobe, it’s got to be good.

However, let’s set aside these biases and focus on reviewing the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for extracting machine-readable text data from your image files.

Firstly, this OCR software was developed by Adobe Systems for editing, creating, and managing PDF files. As an optical character recognition software, it can convert PDF files, scanned documents, and image files into searchable or editable documents.

Because of its capabilities, you can copy, paste, and edit passages in your image file, search text found in Word processing programs and PDF readers, ingest text into analysis programs, and create searchable documents available on the net.

Features And Benefits Of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC On Extracting Data From Scanned Documents

Features And Benefits Of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC On Extracting Data From Scanned Documents

Without a doubt, the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a strong OCR engine made by the best creator of OCR tools. Let’s drill deeper into its features and benefits.

  1. Creation of PDF Documents

There are many ways to convert images and printed documents into PDF files. On the Acrobat Pro DC, you can click on the PDF icon and choose how you will create your file within the program. Then, click Edit PDF to add images and text to the file.

  1. Signing Interactive PDF Files

How can you fill out a form automatically, which is an important process for many businesses and organizations? That shouldn’t be a problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC because it can convert PDF , Word, or Excel into fillable forms.

  1. Mark Up Or Edit PDF Documents

This OCR software not only gives your hands the power to edit your PDF files with a few clicks but also helps make document reviews efficient and streamlined. You can make changes to the text and images with image borders and text boxes that you can move around the screen.

  1. Export And Share

Need to sign your PDF files and share them with teammates to keep projects moving forward? Let Adobe Acrobat Pro DC do the job for you. You can easily export the files, convert them to editable formats like Word, and share them with your colleagues in real-time.

  1. Text Recognition

We know you can’t copy and paste text from a PDF file, right? But what if you can extract text from images regardless of the font? Have that power in your hands.

  1. Handwriting Recognition

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC makes work easier by recognizing handwriting, which is useful for digitizing historical documents.

Cost And Price Plans Of OCR Software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Cost And Price Plans Of OCR Software Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has two pricing plans for individual users—Acrobat Pro and Acrobat PDF Pack.

  1. Acrobat PDF Pack

This plan costs $14.99 and lets you convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or images into PDF files; convert PDFs to DOCX, XLSX, PPTX or JPG, TIFF, and PNG; create a single PDF form from single or multiple files; store and share files online with access across devices; send files for viewing, commenting, or signatures; and organize, reorder, and delete pages in a PDF file.

  1. Acrobat Standard

This plan includes everything in the PDF pack, plus the capability to turn scanned documents into editable, searchable PDFs; redact to permanently remove sensitive visible information; and compare two versions of a PDF to review all differences.

It also lets you add a logo to brand your agreements and upload existing PDF forms.

Pros And Cons Of Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC With Paper Documents

Pros And Cons Of Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC With Paper Documents


  1. Comprehensive features

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC isn’t just about converting scanned images, image acquisition, and document processing. It can do so much more with its data capture, OCR scanner, and pattern recognition capabilities, making the tool the best OCR software. Use it to add comments and annotations and edit text and images within PDFs.

  1. High-quality document conversion

Using machine learning, this Adobe tool can scan text to extract data from your PDF file while preserving the original document’s layout.

  1. Safe and secure cloud-based storage:

Save your files in the cloud while trusting the data privacy policy of Adobe, which is among the strongest in the world.

  1. Free trial

If you want to try out the tool before buying it, you can avail yourself of the free trial. Of course, there are limitations to the features you can use, but it still gives you a feel of how it works.


  1. Cost

We know that Adobe isn’t cheap because anything this good isn’t cheap. However, if you’re not ready to pay the cost of using Adobe, stick to the free version in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions


Even if Adobe apps like this are already popular, with many people using them, there are still frequently asked questions from people. Read on to help you get the answers to your own questions.

What Is The Accuracy Of The Software?

The level of accuracy of this OCR software largely depends on the quality of the scanned image or scanned document. This includes the font used and the resolution. However generally, the accuracy of this OCR optical character recognition app is high.

Is The OCR Process In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Different For Different Languages?

Yes, it is different because you can customize the process for different languages with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can select the language of the text you want the app to recognize.

Does The App Need An Internet Connection To Work?

No, you don’t need to connect to the internet to use this AI-based OCR software. It is installed on your computer, so you can use it offline.

Best Alternative Software for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Final Thoughts: Why Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Is the Industry Standard OCR Software You Need

Final Thoughts

OCR systems are great tools if you want to capture data from digital documents. Optical character recognition OCR software lets you extract relevant information from legal documents, handwritten notes, and printed text.

Let Adobe’s OCR software filter the text in your documents and capture the data you need. Though it can be pricey, you’re getting superb service, which you may not find in other apps. This OCR features capabilities that extract data fields in multiple languages.

So, download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC today and check out more productivity product reviews on Softlist.

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